Humanitas International Foundation is dedicated to promote, develop and execute integrated programs on Health Education, Health Promotion and Wellness. The importance of health and nutritional education to the general population is widely recognized, and our educational programs for general public are designed to achieve the highest standard of quality and professionalism.
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With the Course in Nutritional Education and Health. A distance-learning program for people like you, who want to get the knowledge about nutrition in order to make healthy choices that improve your diet and health. This Course has been developed by Humanitas International Foundation in consultation with the University of Miami, and certified by the American International Association of Nutritional Education.
More than 1.7 millions Americans die of chronic diseases each year, accounting for about 70% of all U.S. deaths. Two modifiable health-damaging behaviors - poor eating habits and lack of physical activity - are responsible for much of the inordinate suffering and early death related with these illnesses.

Evidence indicates that with education, people can and will take charge of their health. It is question of communicating health information and skills to people, persuading them of the benefits of healthy changes.